North Dakota Furtakers Educational Manual

Correct Way to Measure Blanket Beaver

Size-of-a-blanket beaver will measure a total of the length and breadth of the skin added to make 70 inches. By this, I mean a 70 inch beaver can be 38 inches from the tail up to the eyes and 32 inches across the other way, making a 70-inch blanket. (See illustration.) Any size above 70 is also a blanket; if they are over 80 inches, more money is paid for them. If a beaver is handled right, most dealers will take one measuring 68 inches for a blanket. Extra large beaver means 60 to 68 inches; large is 55 to 60 inches; large medium, 50 to 55 inches; medium, 45 to 50; small, 40 to 45. Anything under 40 inches is considered a cub and worth only a few dollars.

gif -- Blanket Beaver

If selling beaver through the mail, be sure to pack flat, so they arrive at the buyer's in nice condition. If at all possible, be present when your beaver skins are sold. It is usually best to sell at home, so you know just what you are getting.

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