North Dakota Furtakers Educational Manual

Conclusion and Acknowlegments

The methods described in this book have been proven on many traplines. By applying the information in this book and mixing it with experience, you can become a top notch trapper. No book can make you a trapper, you must do it yourself; experience will be the best teacher. Remember to join your state and national trapping organization to help fight the antis. Remember there's strength in numbers and we will need strength if we are to win the battle. Good Luck Trapping!!

The preceding manual has been prepared by the North Dakota Furtakers Association and printed in cooperation with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

North Dakota Furtakers, which is a chapter of Furtakers of America, Inc., is a statewide organization of trappers, hunters, and fur harvesters whose objectives are educating the public and preserving trapping and hunting rights.

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