NDFTA Life Member and past president of the North Dakota Fur Takers Association Louie Hafele passed away July 28, 2021. Louie was born on July 29, 1942. He was preceded in death by his wife Cecelia. The North Dakota Fur Takers extends sympathies to his family.


Bruce Willyard and Mike Liane present a check for $5000 to Harold Johnson to help defeat Montana ballot Initiative I-177. If passed this would make it unlawful for all trapping on public lands in Montana.


2010 Trappers Hall of Fame Inductees

Elsie Pierce
Hatton, North Dakota

I was married to Wilbert Pierce in 1940. As you know he was a trapper. The first year I followed him on his trap line, I thought this looked like fun. I told him I wanted to trap by myself. He told me I had to learn how to set traps. He told me I would have to try trapping muskrats, as I didn’t need such heavy traps. After a few caught fingers and I figured it out. We had a slough with muskrat houses and push ups in it. That year I caught 50 muskrats.
I spent the next four years trapping muskrats and we were lucky enough to catch a few mink that had drilled into the muskrat houses. I skated around the slough and the lake pulling a sled so I didn’t have to carry a heavy load. Then I got a job stretching muskrat hides for a mink rancher, so I didn’t do much trapping after that.
In 1960 we moved from Pelican Rapids, Minnesota to Hatton, North Dakota. I got affiliated with Ardell Grawe when they were starting the Fur Takers Association. Ben Zastoupil was secretary and he wanted to give it up. I got the job as Secretary-Treasurer and did the job for 14 years. I also started writing a short column in the national Fur Takers paper. That seemed to be a hit. I got a lot of notes back from different members saying they enjoyed it. We started organizing fur sales. Some were pretty good. I still have my books if anyone wants to know who belonged and what furs they sold.
I am a life member of Fur Takers of America.

Richard E. Severson
Stanley, North Dakota

Thirty-six and one half years of federal service including three years in the U.S. Paratroopers, 101st Airborne Division, 1955-1958.
Past President of the North Dakota Fur Takers Association, member of the Idaho Trapper’s Association, and the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance.
Over the years Rick has taken over 7,000 coyotes by all methods, 600 plus by calling on farm and ranch complaints and requests for assistance. Hundreds of other complaints on waterfowl, blackbirds, beaver, fox, etc.
Worked at Twin Falls, Idaho for Denver Wildlife Research Center developing coyote control tools, tranquilizer tabs, lures, electric fencing, guard dogs, coyote characteristics, etc.
Developed methods of tranquilizing and capturing live coyotes from helicopter, for use at various research institutes. Published in “Wildlife Management Journal”.
Have conducted hundreds of classes and demonstrations to promote trapping, snaring, disease suppression, bird and animal damage reduction, etc. to sportsmen’s clubs stock growers associations, FFA classes, 4-H clubs, youth summer camps, high schools, elementary schools, cities, towns, civic groups, and individuals.
After retirement, worked eleven years for Delta Waterfowl Foundation controlling predators to determine effects on ground nesting birds, primarily waterfowl.


Bob receives award for his years of service, hard work, and dedication to the ND Fur Takers.


Brent wins trip to Fur Takers of America Trappers College.


Hello Fellow Trappers,

Hope the summer is treating everyone well. The North Dakota Fur Takers is very concerned about some issues trying to be forced upon us. If you have been keeping up with the BMP, known as the Best Management Practices, some of these issues are the 24 hour trap check and only having a limited number of traps we can use. Only certain brands or types of traps would be allowed. Having to have your traps checked as early as possible in the morning or by a predetermined time. Which would limit the amount of traps you could set. For more information about the BMP visit The Fur Takers of america website. On their website is a survey to take and articles to explain what the BMP's are really about. You need to find out if the organizations you belong to is for or against the BMP's. We are trying to get this information out to as many people as possible. We need to stand together as trappers and keep our heritage intact.


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